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Thumbtack Interview
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Thumbtack Spotlight

Thumbtack Spotlight

Music Lessons

Provided by: Hopkins Music

Playing Music from The Heart

Music instructor, Pete Hopkins believes that making learning fun and treating clients the way he likes to be treated are key ingredients to his success as an exceptional music teacher.

His inspiration springs from his passion for music, his experience as a professional performer, and the guidance of his favorite instructors, who showed phenomenal support and equipped Hopkins with a vast array of musical skills and know-how. He is now sharing these gifts with his students.

What I love about my job is the ability to pass on the passion I have for music to another and to see how they make use of the knowledge and expertise that I have gained to fulfill their own ambitions.

Success for Peter is witnessing his students grow as artists while singing, playing and writing the music they love.

Whether you are just beginning or want to enhance your musical prowess, Pete Hopkins can help. From vocal coaching, guitar and bass lessons, to songwriting, music theory and production, he'll make sure that you get all the techniques and knowledge that you need to be successful and have a great time in the process.

The most effective way to keep clients happy in my experience is to be honest, kind and find a way to make the work as fun as it is effective. I try to make certain that they are happy with the results they are experiencing as well.

For fun and results-oriented music sessions, hire Peter Hopkins. You will surely have the melodious experience of your life.


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