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Music Connection Article

"Muscular melodic, funky and soulful, this pop-rock artist writes and arranges his material so well that it frequently sounds like ear candy... "Musicianship: Think Prince, Jamiroquai and Mick Hucknall. Hopkins can scale the high notes with an ear shattering falsetto that's exhilarating and giddy. He is also versatile with a delicate touch, switching gears and shading his vocals with subtlety and nuance. Drums, rhythm and guitars accent the overall sound giving it drive, power and distinction. Creative in its execution, the musicianship is an exercise in virtuosity. Performance: At this gig, Hopkins was an electrifying performer who let the spirit of the music move him. One could feel a charge going through his body and being projected into the audience with such sheer excitement and passion it became gripping…” Harriet Kaplan - Music Connection


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